Q & A

As we have been writing and field testing ETE, we have received many questions about using this book most effectively as well as some more general questions about teaching ESL/EFL in an academic setting. We have included some of these questions below. If you have additional questions for the authors, please email us at TeachETE@gmail.com.

Questions about ETE teachers and students

1. Is it necessary to be a native-English speaker in order to teach ETE?

2. Is it necessary to take an ESL/EFL teacher training course before teaching this book?

3. Is it necessary to know a lot about theology in order to use this book?

4. Is ETE for students who already know some English?

5. How can I determine if my students have sufficient proficiency in English in order to use this textbook?

Questions about the goals of ETE

1. What are the goals of ETE?

2. My students have a good grasp of English reading and grammar skills as well as general academic vocabulary, but they have never studied theology. How can this textbook help them?

3. Will their study of ETE help my students to read non-theological academic publications?

Questions about the content of ETE

1. What types of practice activities help learners develop their English skills?

2. Are there a large number of readings in the book? What are they like?

3. How does ETE help learners to develop their general academic vocabulary?

4. ETE focuses primarily on the reading skill, but are students also required to speak and write in English?

5. Many native English speakers find theology to be a difficult subject. How have you made the theological content less challenging for those whose native language is not English?

Questions about teaching ETE

1. Is it a good idea to combine the teaching of ETE with other types of ESL/EFL instruction?

2. I have only a few weeks to prepare my students to read theology in English and we couldn't possibly cover all that is in ETE. What can we do?

3. My students are not strong enough in English to use ETE. What should I do?

4. Where can I find answers to the exercises in the ETE Student Textbook?

Questions about supplementing ETE instruction

1. Can you give me some guidance about selecting additional ESL/EFL textbooks and supplementary materials that might be useful for my students?

2. What should I do to give my students additional instruction in English grammar?

3. What should I do to give my students additional instruction in general vocabulary and reading skills?

4. Can you recommend an appropriate dictionary for my ESL/EFL learners?

Questions about going beyond ETE instruction

1. Where can I find resources to help me become a better ESL/EFL teacher?

2. When my students ask questions about English grammar, I don't know how to respond. How can I learn more about how English grammar works?

3. I am not in a formal class but am studying the ETE Student Textbook on my own. Would it be helpful for me to also buy the Teacher's Guide?


Student Text
396 pages

Teacher's Guide
172 pages